Top 10 States Most Friendly to Charter Schools 

According to a report by American School and University, some states offer a more favorable climate in which to conduct their business than others.

The reports states that there is no one single factor that affects the quality of education a charter school delivers and one of the most significant factors is the state laws that govern how charters are established and operated on a daily basis.

 Only 42 states currently grant charters to schools and, as might be expected, their governing laws vary widely from state to state.

Since 2009,  the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has tracked the state laws that regulate charter schools, along with the changes from year to year, if any. The Alliance ranked the 42 states’ laws for 2016.

The Alliance says it compiles the ranking by evaluating 20 elements that it considers essential to a strong charter school law. The elements include: No limits on charter school growth; allowing for a variety of different charter schools;  adequate funding and dedicated monitoring and data tracking.

Here are the 10 states that have the laws most friendly to charter schools, according to the Alliance. (note: Alabama did not enact a charter school law until 2015.)



1 Indiana 177 161
2 Alabama 175 n/a
3 Minnesota 174 174
4 Louisiana 167 167
5 Colorado 165 159
6 Maine 163 163
7 New York 162 157
8 Nevada 162 150
9 Florida 156 156
10 Arizona 154 151


Author: Michael Leppert

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