Math Mammoth To Help a Student Who is Behind in Math

Age Range: Grades 1-7
Cost Range: $120 for 45 book bundle; $45 grades 1-3 bundle.  (Free samples available)
Individual prices are available on site

Subject: Math (in English, and Spanish is available)


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By Joseph Grayhaim

Math Mammoth by Maria Miller offers excellent math curriculum for Grades 1-7. The tools offered in Math Mammoth include Placement tests for grades 1-6, which function as generic math assessment tests also. Ms. Miller suggests that the teacher us the test to pinpoint the exact areas of math the student needs help with, as well as ascertaining what grade level the student is at. Once this information is in hand, the teacher can use the Math Mammoth Blue Series of books to address the weaknesses.

The Blue Series books are worktexts, which means that they contain both the explanations (the “text”) and the problems (the “work”). Each book deals with one area of math, such as place value, addition & subtraction, multiplication tables, multi-digit multiplication, long division, measuring, clock, money, geometry, fractions, decimals, proportions, percent, integers, statistics, and so on. In other words, the books are topical. They cover all the topics in grades 1-6 and some in grade 7. A complete list is available on the Math Mammoth website.

The Blue Series books are sold as downloads with very affordable prices ($2 – $7), and are also available as printed copies. Download lots of free samples from the site and see for yourself!

Given the broad variety of resources available from Math Mammoth, your approach can vary widely. The important thing is that you first assess the student’s knowledge and make some kind of “game plan” so you can feel in control. If you have to change your plan, that is quite normal. JG

Author: Michael Leppert

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