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Ivy Bound provides SAT and ACT prep assistance to students, teachers and parents. We believe we can help in the SAT and ACT prep process, by providing additional assistance in required exams for college acceptance or for academics, especially with math and the sciences.

We are doing our part to help guide the instruction for the SAT and ACT, especially when the new SAT is introduced in March, 2016. These standardized tests are just one component to increasing a student’s access and success in college and career. Ivy Bound’s prep is one way we can make it easier for students to reach their goals.

Ivy Bound Students:

  • Reported average increase of over 170 points
  • Learn from instructors who take the SAT, ACT, SAT II regularly
  • Learn from instructors who have scored in the top 1% on the SAT or ACT
  • Get easy access to FREE practice SAT and ACT tests
  • Use actual SAT questions when prepping
  • Learn from tutors who teach with the enthusiasm, clarity, empathy, and test knowledge necessary to help SCORE BIG

Ivy Bound is a test prep firm specializing in SAT and ACT preparation designed to improve a student’s college acceptance and scholarship potential.  We now have more resources than any other national company for helping students excel in these tests. Not only do our tutors have a top 1% score in these tests, but we have developed our own materials specifically to enhance student’s test-taking strategies.

Our instructors are intelligent, talented, and trained in our program and method of teaching. Our experience allows our instructors to quickly evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and mold the lesson plan to focus on the needed areas of improvement. There is a definite strategy involved in studying for, and taking, these tests. While that strategy may differ across individual students, there is always a way to help each student realize his/her maximum test-taking potential.

We provide classes as well as individual, and semi-private tutoring. Parents have the flexibility of the tutor coming to their home or other location of their choice convenient for them. Our tutors will work with your schedule to ensure you get the greatest benefit from each session.

With a combination of our excellent curriculum and teaching strategies, we are confident our program will instill the confidence needed to achieve the best test score the student is capable of producing – that is our goal. Our test prep advisors will be happy to answer any questions or provide more information. I.B.

Author: Michael Leppert

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